Fillers & Vanities – AP

Add a modern yet timeless look to your kitchen with Pepper Shaker.
With dovetail drawer boxes, full extension glides, and an espresso finish, Pepper Shaker produces a dramatic, contemporary twist to a classic shaker design.

Fillers & Vanities- Wall & Base Fillers- AP

Details Price QTY
AP-WF3-3/4 Sku:  $22.00
AP-WF336-3/4 Sku:  $27.00
AP-WF342-3/4 Sku:  $34.00
AP-WF384-3/4 Sku:  $63.00
AP-WF396-3/4 Sku:  $74.00
AP-WF6-3/4 Sku:  $45.00
AP-WF642-3/4 Sku:  $66.00
AP-WF696-3/4 Sku:  $145.00
AP-BF3-3/4 Sku:  $36.00
AP-BF6-3/4 Sku:  $61.00

Fillers & Vanities- Wall Base & Base Fillers- Fluted with rosette- AP

fillers-and-vanities-wall-and-base-fillers-fluted-with-rosette copy
Details Price QTY
AP-A15WF Sku:  $18.00
AP-A24WF Sku:  $30.00
AP-A30WF Sku:  $36.00
AP-A36WF Sku:  $45.00
AP-A42WF Sku:  $51.00
AP-A3BF Sku:  $49.00
AP-A6BF Sku:  $102.00

Fillers & Vanities- Vanities- no drawers- AP

Details Price QTY
AP-S2421B-34-1/2” Sku:  $242.00
AP-S3021B-34-1/2” Sku:  $307.00
AP-S3621B-34-1/2” Sku:  $368.00

Vanities- Vanities- with drawers- AP

Details Price QTY
AP-S3021DL-34-1/2” Sku:  $437.00
AP-S3021DR-34-1/2” Sku:  $437.00
AP-S3621BDL-34-1/2” Sku:  $498.00
AP-S3621BDR-34-1/2” Sku:  $498.00
AP-S4821B12D-34-1/2” Sku:  $671.00

Vanities- Drawer Pack- Desk Drawer- Mirrors- AP

Details Price QTY
AP-SVB1221-34- 1/2” Sku:  $462.00
AP-SVB1521-34- 1/2” Sku:  $483.00
AP-SVDU3021-7” Sku:  $134.00