Base Cabinets – AP

Add a modern yet timeless look to your kitchen with Pepper Shaker.
With dovetail drawer boxes, full extension glides, and an espresso finish, Pepper Shaker produces a dramatic, contemporary twist to a classic shaker design.

Base Cabinets- AP

Details Price QTY
AP-B09 Sku:  $198.00
AP-B12 Sku:  $224.00
AP-B15 Sku:  $234.00
AP-B18 Sku:  $245.00
AP-B21 Sku:  $277.00
AP-B24B Sku:  $298.00
AP-B27B Sku:  $321.00
AP-B30B Sku:  $374.00
AP-B33B Sku:  $391.00
AP-B36B Sku:  $408.00

Sink Base Cabinets- AP

Details Price QTY
AP-SB27B Sku:  $295.00
AP-SB30B Sku:  $305.00
AP-SB33B Sku:  $316.00
AP-SB36B Sku:  $329.00

Drawer Base- AP

Details Price QTY
AP-DB12(3) Sku:  $382.00
AP-DB15(3) Sku:  $409.00
AP-DB18(3) Sku:  $419.00
AP-DB21(3) Sku:  $431.00
AP-DB24(3) Sku:  $453.00
AP-DB30(3) Sku:  $751.00
AP-DB36(3) Sku:  $769.00

Base Diagonal Corner Sink- AP

Details Price QTY
AP-BDCF36 Sku:  $545.00
AP-BDCF36K-FL Sku:  $164.00

Base- Lazy Susan- AP

Details Price QTY
AP-LS3309 Sku:  $541.00
AP-LS3612 Sku:  $584.00
AP-LS36125 Sku:  $517.00

Base Blind Corner- AP

Details Price QTY
AP-BBLC39/42-36”W Sku:  $419.00
AP-BBLC42/45-39”W Sku:  $424.00
AP-BBLC45/48-42”W Sku:  $428.00

Base- Oven Cabinets- AP

Details Price QTY
AP-OC3384B Sku:  $1,102.00
AP-OC3390B Sku:  $1,190.00
AP-OC3396B Sku:  $1,270.00

Base- Wall Pantry- AP

Details Price QTY
AP-WP1884 Sku:  $675.00
AP-WP1890 Sku:  $725.00
AP-WP1896 Sku:  $774.00
AP-WP2484B Sku:  $845.00
AP-WP2490B Sku:  $908.00
AP-WP2496B Sku:  $972.00

Base- Wall & Base End Shelf- AP

wall&base-end shelf
Details Price QTY
AP-WES53 Sku:  $90.00
AP-WES536 Sku:  $108.00
AP-WES542 Sku:  $127.00

Base- Angle Wall & Base- AP

Details Price QTY
AP-AW30 Sku:  $204.00
AP-AW36 Sku:  $245.00
AP-AW42 Sku:  $287.00
AP-AB24 (Base) Sku:  $518.00

Microwave Base Cabinet- AP

Details Price QTY
AP-B30MW Sku:  $385.00