Special Cabinets – KM

The K-Series is available in Cherry Glaze, Cinnamon Glaze, Honey and Espresso.

Special Cabinets-End Decor Doors- KM

Details Price QTY
KM-EPW1230D Sku:  $63.00
KM-EPW1236D Sku:  $77.00
KM-EPW1242D Sku:  $93.00
KM-EPB24D Sku:  $159.00
KM-EPWP2484D Sku:  $203.00
KM-EPWP2490D Sku:  $229.00
KM-EPWP2496D Sku:  $256.00

Special Cabinets- Range Hoods- KM

Details Price QTY
KM-WH30 Sku:  $414.00

Special Cabinets- Special Cabinets- KM

Details Price QTY
KM-W3015PL Sku:  $272.00
KM-W3018WR Sku:  $197.00
KM-TAG1224 Sku:  $544.00
KM-TCR21-2 Sku:  $336.00

Special Cabinets- Microwave Oven- KM

Details Price QTY
KM-MWO3018PM-12 Sku:  $167.00

Special Cabinets- Roll Out Tray- KM

Details Price QTY
KM-15RT-DR Sku:  $88.00
KM-18RT-DR Sku:  $99.00
KM-24RT-DR Sku:  $108.00
KM-27RT-DR Sku:  $119.00
KM-30RT-DR Sku:  $130.00
KM-33RT-DR Sku:  $158.00
KM-36RT-DR Sku:  $186.00